Frontiers of Geodetic Science (previously Geodätische Woche) takes place side by side to INTERGEO Live + Digital from September 21st till 23rd. The Frontiers of Geodetic Science is a forum for discussion of recent scientific developments and applications in geodesy. Target group of this platform are particularly scientifc staff of labs and universities from all areas in geodesy as well as representatives from neighbour disciplines and users. Listed below are five topics designated for exchange of ideas and information. Contributions of young scientist are most welcome and will be highly appreciated!


scientific program



Theoretische GeodÄsie

(M Schmidt, WD Schuh, N Sneeuw, V Michel)



(A Eicker, M Horwath, J Flury, A Rülke)


GeodÄtische Referenzsysteme und Erdrotation

(F Seitz, J Böhm, D Thaller, S. Glaser, M Bloßfeld)


IngenieurgeodÄsie und GNSS

(S Schön, J Blankenbach, A Eichhorn, F Neitzel, L Wanninger)


Umweltmonitoring und Fernerkundung

(O Hellwich, J Müller, H Schuh, M Thomas, J Wickert, D Dettmering)


A detailed program you will find here at the end of July.

Information on the congress INTERGEO you will find here.

It is intended to have a 15 minute time budget per oral presentation (incl. discussion).


submission of contributions, registration, fees

You can apply for a contribution to the conference (only presentation, no poster) via the form for abstracts until 30th of August 2020. Presentation will be accepted in german and english.

Authors will be informed about their accepted contributions until end of August 2020. After acceptance of the contribution, the authors are invited to record a presentation of about 15 minutes.

After acceptance of the contribution the first author have to register (compulsory) online until 15th of September 2020. Coauthors may register (voluntary) too. First author and Coauthors of accepted contributions have to pay the reduced fee (€100,- for members of DVW, €175,- for non-members of DVW).

Conveners could also register with reduced fees until 15th of September 2020 via the online-form.

Later registrations are just possible with the regular fees of INTERGEO-ticket.

All registered Authors and Conveners will have access to events and meetings at the fair of INTERGEO. Each presentation will be available until 10.12.2020 in the multimedia centre to which all registered participants of the INTERGEO DIGITAL Conference and the Frontiers of Geodetic Science have access.





Organizer is the AK7 "Experimentelle, Angewandte und Theoretische Geodäsie" of the DVW. The local organisation will be done by the Institute of Geodesy (University of Stuttgart).

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Schön Hannover
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florian Seitz München
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Müller Hannover
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nico Sneeuw Stuttgart
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Schmidt München
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Kusche Bonn
Prof. Dr.-techn. Wolf-Dieter Schuh Bonn
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Schuh Berlin, Potsdam
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lambert Wanninger Dresden
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Torsten Mayer-Gürr Graz, Österreich
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Neitzel Berlin
dr.ir. Johannes Bouman Frankfurt
Prof. Dr. Jens Wickert Potsdam
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Annette Eicker Hamburg
Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ribana Roscher Bonn

Local Organisational committee

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Neitzel
Pia Daute
Matthias Druve
Axel Fischer
Dr.-Ing. Georgios Malissiovas
Sven Weisbrich

Place for your questions, comments and feedback:
phone: +49 (0)30 314-23315
e-mail: frogs2020[at]geodesy.tu-berlin.de



As of 2015 publications are released in the INTERGEO-archive

Publications from 2004 and 2009 till 2015 you will find here